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How customer comments help us improve

Herman Khosah

Written by Herman Khosah, marketing adviser

I recently sat down with Matt, one of our customer insight assistants, to answer some customer queries about how we deal with any comments made in insight surveys sent out to customers.

What are customer insight surveys and why are they important?
These surveys help us make sure our customers have a voice. We will read every comment made in a survey, either it be positive or negative.

Surveys we send out help us improve how we spend your money, repairs, communities, services and so much more. Every comment we receive is important in helping us shape how we deliver our customer promise.

Do you read all comments made in surveys?
If you receive a survey invitation from us, chances are I’ve sent it to you! I will also read through every reply kindly sent back to us.

We individually read and review each of your comments made and forward on any concerns and compliments to your housing manager or other teams your comments can help improve.

What does the customer insight team do with the comments?
Many comments are straightforward, telling us how your repair went or how friendly our customer service colleagues were. Some maybe more complex, so the entire customer insight team may get involved in discussing any comments that raise interesting points or need special attention.

Even when a comment doesn’t require any direct action or escalation, every single comment is recorded. It’s also grouped according to what is mentioned, for example, if a colleague did a great job or if you feel as if our repair response could have been quicker.

What are the next steps with comments made by customers?
Once every comment has been sorted, we send the results to colleagues and teams around Home Group. This helps us understand what matters to our customers and where we should focus on improving.

We can also flag whether you may benefit from a chat with one of our colleagues in a specialised role and try to arrange this for you. For example, if you mentioned money worries you may get a call from our financial support team to see if we can help with your circumstances.

Are my comments anonymous?
Your responses to surveys are always confidential and we will only use feedback to make improvements in your local area or nationally. We would only ever remove anonymity if there was any health or safeguarding concerns.

If you do receive a survey, please take some time to fill it out. As mentioned previously, we listen to every comment made and they can really help improve the services we provide.

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