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Getting your money in shape for Winter

Josh and his dog

Written by Josh Buckham, financial inclusion team

As a member of our financial inclusion team, Josh has helped hundreds of customers save money.

Here are three simple tips to help you in the lead-up to the costly Winter months.

1) Start to set monthly goals leading up to the festive season

Do it now to be able to get some savings behind you for December. Don't leave it all until the last minute; small changes over the next three months can have a big impact.

If you are not sure where to start with budgeting we have lots of simple information to help you. Check out Zara's budgeting for
beginners blog post.

2) Review your monthly budget

When reviewing your monthly budget, try and think outside the box and look at spending you would not usually think about.

For example, you might spend £3 on a cup of coffee before work, if you do those five times a week you could be spending £65 a
month. By reducing that down to two days a week it would save you £36 a month, an extra £108 towards bills in December.

3) Set an amount of money that you want to free up each month

The way to do this is to spend less on something else for that month, this could be done on the following things:

  • Stop subscriptions to online streaming service
  • Less takeaways or no takeaways for that month
  • Take your own food or coffee into work
  • Write a list before doing your food shop

Put the extra money you save on your gas or electric account to help with rising energy costs.

Help with money

Energy advice - free services to help reduce your energy bills.

Home Energy Scotland or call 0800 808 2282 (Scotland)

- LEAP online or call 0800 060 7567 (England)

Citizens Advice - help if you are struggling with your bills. Citizens Advice online or call 0800 144 8848

Help for households - find out what cost of living support you could be eligible for. Cost of living campaign.

Our Financial support team - free, one-to-one money advice with our friendly Home Group team. Financial support team.

Money and benefits support - from budgeting to energy saving tips and having fun on a budget. Money, benefit and wellbeing support.

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