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Being an active ally

Aimee Cavener

Written by Aimee Cavener, marketing advisor

Being an ally is about supporting people, amplifying the voices of others, learning, challenging ourselves and questioning things that don’t feel right.

We asked our customers and colleagues what makes a good ally, here are some of their answers below.

Educate yourself

Understand your privilege and role when it comes to discrimination and inequality. Don’t rely on others to teach you. Do your own research and attend events, learn from your mistakes, and ask yourself how you can do better.

Listen and acknowledge
Listen to experiences. Every person has a story to tell and it is important to understand that you can be an ally in different ways to different people.

Mind your language
Be aware of how you speak to people and how it could make them feel. Try to use neutral language. For example, if you aren’t sure about someone’s pronouns, you could use ‘they’.

Confidently question
Don’t shy away from difficult conversations about gender. If you feel it’s not right, then it probably isn’t. Call it out in a non-confrontational way.

Check your unconscious bias
Unconscious bias is present in lots of different situations. Be aware that it exists and commit to action. You can test your hidden bias too

Getting involved
You can support the LGBTQ plus community by joining Pride events. Find out what Pride celebrations are taking place near you. Here are a few photos of our customers and colleagues enjoying Pride celebrations.

Carole Enjoying Pride In Our Services

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