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Learn about our unique mix of health, social care and housing services.

Supporting people with learning disabilities

To support people with learning disabilities and/or autism, we deliver community based clinical and support services together with housing solutions to enable our customers to improve their quality of life. We support customers to live fulfilled and rich lives in their own homes in their chosen community. We support people into the community from in-patient or long-term institutional settings including transition from residential schools.

Mental health support

Our mental health step up and step down services provide a service for commissioners looking for a safe and progressive care service for people with mental health conditions requiring intensive interventions without the need to be admitted to hospital. The services uniquely provide accommodation, care and support that delivers cost savings and improved resilience and wellbeing outcomes.

Reablement focused

Through our Living Independently, Feeling Enabled (LIFE) support model, our services are tailored for each of our customers and what matters to them, taking time to understand their unique talents, gifts, history and hopes. We use a recovery approach to deliver a safe and homely environment together with care and support to stabilise, prevent hospital admission and enable a return home.

How we help

We are a registered charity providing a unique mix of health, social care and housing services. As a large housing and care provider, we have a wealth of expertise and deliver a wide range of specialist and support services to people with complex health and social care needs. We recognise the diverse needs in communities and we have a team of specialists and clinicians who can work with you to support your commitment to improving health and wellbeing through innovative new models of care.

Our new models of care services:

  • Prevent avoidable hospital admission and provide safe and progressive care services for people experiencing a mental health crisis or emotional distress who no longer need inpatient treatment
  • Support people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health issues and behaviours of concern.

At Home Group, we're committed to using the standards contained in the Driving Up Quality code to measure how well we listen to the people we support and support them to build lives that have meaning for them.

We have designed our LIFE support practice model with aspects of the code in mind, focusing on what is important to and for the customer and what makes a meaningful and enjoyable life for them. We have embedded the standards into our quality monitoring process and you can request these by emailing newmodelsofcare@homegroup.org.uk

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