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5th August, 2021 |

5 minute read

My advice for apprentices

Written by Sofia Bunce (she/her), digital marketing apprentice

Like a lot of people, I just didn’t know what to do after school...

After school, I was a bit lost; I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped in my GCSEs as I was recovering from major surgery and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I hadn’t even considered an apprenticeship. My college didn’t promote them and they seemed like a second choice to the traditional academic route.

I started my A levels but found myself getting more satisfaction from my part-time job. At the same time, I started to spot potential apprenticeship opportunities.

I realised there were apprenticeship options for everyone, no matter your background:
• Level two (GCSE)
• Level three (A level)
• Level four – Six (Foundation or bachelor’s degree)
• Level seven (Master’s degree)

Having an apprenticeship broadens your experience and gives you a chance to meet people from all walks of life. You’re earning while getting a qualification, and the experience you get at work helps you develop skills for life.

That’s great for me, but what’s in it for employers?

If you’ve ever worked with an apprentice you’ll know that we bring a unique perspective, enthusiasm and passion to learn new things while filling skills gaps within teams.

At Home Group I’ve been given real responsibilities and the opportunity to take ownership of projects. It’s allowed me to show my team, and myself, what I’m capable of. And that’s a huge confidence boost.

Is working and studying hard?

Yes, there’s a lot to keep on top of, so you need to be organised. But Home Group has given me all the support I need for work, and study.

What's it like being an apprentice at Home Group?

I’ve also loved the diverse backgrounds and life experiences of the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. It’s given me knowledge and experiences I’d have struggled to find somewhere else.

I feel lucky to be part of a great apprenticeship culture at Home Group. Apprentices are celebrated in our workplace and given just as much opportunity as any other colleague. Our perspectives are always valued as we are seen to bring a unique experience to the team which is always appreciated.

Advice for future apprentices

My advice for future apprentices would be to remember you’re not “just an apprentice”, you’re a valuable addition to the team and the future of the workplace. There are no bad ideas and you have just as much to bring to the team as someone with 30 years of experience.

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