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18th June, 2021 |

5 minute read

How to spot a scam

Written by Ellie Hughes, marketing campaign manager

How to spot a scam

It’s a great time to stay connected on the phone and online, but remember to look out for and report scams.

In particular, scams relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, such as calls, texts or emails pretending to be from the government or NHS, are becoming more and more common.

Getting help

If you spot a scam, or have been scammed you can:

If you receive something from us but aren't sure it's genuine, please tell your support worker, housing manager or call us on 0345 141 4663.

Five tips to help you spot a scam

  1. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is – be suspicious of offers and deals that seem too good
  2. Take your time – think about what’s being offered to you and don’t make any rash decisions – a genuine company will give you time to think, whereas scammers will often try to make you panic and act quickly
  3. Be wary if you’re asked for personal details – never give out personal information, such as passwords or bank details, to an organisation or individual you don’t know or trust. Even if something looks or sounds genuine it could still be a scam
  4. Watch out for suspicious links – don’t click on something if you’re not 100% sure it’s genuine. Go to a website directly rather than clicking on suspicious links
  5. Check for poor grammar, spelling errors and fuzzy logos – most companies are protective of their brand and wouldn’t send out important messages with mistakes – they’re a typical sign that something isn’t right

Help from Action Fraud

Remember, Action Fraud are the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime, they can help you if you've been scammed, or have spotted something you don't feel is quite right.

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