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18th June, 2021 |

5 minute read

Getting started with sustainable living

Written by Jo Armstrong, marketing adviser

Read on for how we're making homes fit for the future. You'll also find top tips to help you live more sustainably.

In line with the government’s Future Homes Standard, we're looking to install only renewable heating systems from 2025. This means we’ll be installing more gas-free heating systems in our homes which are better for the environment. This could help you use less energy and save more money too.

And that's not all, to reduce our impact on the environment we're focusing on our

  • existing homes
  • new homes
  • supply chain
  • offices and operations

You can read all about it on our corporate social responsibility page.

Want to live more sustainably but not sure where to start...

We've all got a role to play, so here are some ideas from our customers and colleagues:

  1. Up-cycle or adapt rather than throwing something out
  2. Squash things down before popping them in your recycling bin to give you room for more
  3. Install a smart meter. These can be installed by energy suppliers in your home and show how much gas and electricity you’re using, and what it’s costing you; helping you to be more aware of the energy you’re using. If you live in one of our rented homes, you can get in touch with your energy supplier to find out more.
  4. Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth, not overfilling your kettle, and using a washing up bowl rather than a running tap to wash the dishes, can all make a difference
  5. Wash clothes at 30ºC. It's better for the environment and costs less
  6. Put the right things in your recycling bin. If you’re not sure what you can recycle in your area, or have any problems with your wheelie bins, your local authority should be able to help
  7. Dry clothes outside if you can – but if not, remember using a heated clothes airer can be better for the environment and cheaper than using a tumble dryer. Just make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions

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