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A woman talks to camera - Valerie

Life After Percy: Valerie's story


Customer Valerie talks about the difference Home Group colleague Cathy made when she lost Percy on his 90th birthday.

Man in a cap wearing glasses

Dudley's story


Home Group resident Dudley Stein explains how Wigglesworth House helped him gain his independence.

Woman in a library reading a book

Mollie's story


Our client and University of Brighton student Mollie explains how supported lodgings help young homeless people in the Nottinghamshire County Council area.

A man stands holding a cup of coffee

Fair Chance Fund


A short video explaining how Home Group's Fair Chance Fund has helped Adam and Ryan.

Three women sit at a desk with one speaking into a microphone.

Anna and Jess


Clients Anna and Jess present their own piece, interviewing each other and Home Group employees about homelessness and the support homeless people can receive.

A woman stands talking to camera

What's in a name?


Want to know how our colleagues make a difference? Here's Hannah Ryan telling the story of the late Matthew Wigglesworth and why we named a service after him.


Turning 80 - Valeries memories


As Home Group client Valerie turns 80, she reflects on what housing was like when she was a little girl.

Woman talking to camera

Hannah's story


From homelessness to becoming a support worker. Watch Home Group colleague Hannah Ryan tell her inspirational tale.

Ration books

Holmeside Lodge memories


Home Group clients at Holmeside Lodge share their memories of home life when they were young.


Mental health: Stevie's Story


Home Group client Stevie talks about his experiences with mental health.

Battling mental illness


Bringing client Jason Durbar's story to life through illustration.


We are 80


We've turned 80 and to celebrate, we’ve been travelling up and down the country meeting clients, customers and colleagues to hear some inspirational stories and memories.