Our key asks

We have key asks that we want implemented in-order-to help us to achieve our mission to build homes, independence and aspirations.

They range from a greater focus on infrastructure and recognition of the real value of regeneration, through to getting a social care settlement and pushing on welfare reform, such as ending the five-week wait.

  • Quality and efficient homes

    • We call on Government to review and upgrade the  Decent Homes Standard 

      - Current Decent Home Standard is outdated and needs reform - it was last updated in 2006 

      - We want a zero tolerance to damp - 897,000 homes with damp in England have had little or no improvement since 2011. The existence of penetrating or rising damp should be an automatic fail and mechanical ventilation ought to be mandatory in the kitchen and bathroom if damp levels are above 5%

      - Energy Efficient homes: Commitment to reduce EPC ratings from E to C by 2030 and minimum standards of insulation. 48 per cent of housing association stock that is EPC rating D-E which is costing the average Band E household an extra £650 year in heating bills.

      - Guaranteed minimum standards: Replace the hazard rating system approach with explicit minimum standards for each aspect of a decent home as informed by the experience and expectation of customers

  • Integrating health and housing

    • We want to see a social care settlement – we need Government to provide an immediate cash injection, and deliver medium term reform

      - Transforming Care programme needs additional support from DoHSC. Home Group has prioritised delivering the housing and support solutions through our ‘strategic partnership grant delivery’
      - Home Group is leading on the delivery of the Supported Housing Sector Scorecard, which will ensure value for money across the sector
      - Government needs to make housing engagement a “requirement” for NHS trusts

  • Boosting supply

    • - We want a fund established which would help kick start the process of strategic land assembly

      - We want more Development Corporations set up

      - We want greater focus on infrastructure (eg schools/GP surgeries), not just road links etc. We want joined up developer contributions to deliver this

      - We want the change to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) & S106 to be calculated to reflect achieved sales values, rather than estimations

  • Welfare reform

    • - We want Government to ease the pressure on our most vulnerable customers and improve their financial wellbeing

      - Reduce the negative impact of the claim period - the initial claim period is still the biggest factor negatively impacting claimants and their long-term financial wellbeing
      - Reduce the five-week wait immediately

      - Enable claims to be back dated

      - Provide a post claim safe period – whereby deductions are not allowed by 3rd parties for the first 6-12 months of a new claim. Increase take up of the upfront loan and extend the payback period

      - Resolve assessment date and working salary conflicts 

      - Improve the managed payments process through clearer guidance on payment cycles and deductions at a customer level via the landlord portal

      - Develop a clear service standard irrespective of location e.g. 95% of claims paid within 4 weeks

      - End the freeze on Housing Benefits – (Government are now doing this from 1st April 2020)

      - Make Universal Support a statutory entitlement – work with housing associations to pilot approaches and define outcomes

  • Estate regeneration

    • - We want Government to recognise the value of regeneration beyond simply asset value, and capture the social and wider external value, shown in Home Group’s regeneration framework; an approach backed up by London School of Economics (LSE)

      - We want Government /Homes England and MHCLG to develop a blueprint for engagement regarding partners and customers

  • Scotland

    • Home as a human right!

      - Home Group asks the Scottish Government to adopt the principle that ‘a warm; affordable; accessible home’ should be a human right for all those living in Scotland

      - We Want this in legislation

      - We want the Scottish social housing charter reviewed

      Net Zero

      - We call for an open and realistic conversation with the Scottish government to gain clarity and certainty about grant levels going forward

      - Home Groups asks that the Scottish Government increases investment in housing grants and allowances to enable providers and developers to continue to provide affordable new homes, and to retro fit existing homes, in a manner which will contribute to Net Zero

      Review of SSHQS

      - Home Group calls for the Scottish Government to review the current Scottish Social Housing Quality Standards (SSHQS) to ensure standards reflect the very best in energy efficiency; design and accessibility; and safety in homes. This should include the creation of a review group to carry out this work

      Greater partnership working

      - Home Group asks that the Scottish Government encourages greater levels of local and national joint working and collaboration