How we deliver our Customer Service

June 1st, 2016 in Home Group News

You may have noticed your enquiries are being handled in a different way. The main difference is that you will no longer need to contact a Customer Service Partner directly to resolve your request or enquiry.

Should you need a personal visit, these will be carried out by pre-arranging a convenient appointment via the Customer Service Centre by either a Housing Manager or maintenance contractor.

We understand that you want your queries dealt with quickly and want to be able to contact us easily. We also know from research that many of you have internet access and want to use different ways to contact us at a time that suits you.

As a result, we’ve made improvements to our website and introduced live chat. The Customer Service Centre continues to be open from Mon to Fri. 7am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 12.30pm.

We’re continually updating information here on our website offering handy tips and advice for the most common questions you ask us so you can self-resolve minor issues and repairs.

Our new website is packed with useful tips and handy advice on a range of topics such as DIY, when to report a repair, advice on money matters, benefits such as Universal Credit and setting up a direct debit to pay rent on time.

When to report a repair: First read our guide to what your responsibilities are when it comes to repairs. check here for details on who is responsible for carrying out the repair.

If it’s a repair we are responsible for, you can either log it via Live Chat or call the Customer Service Centre (CSC) on 0345 141 4663

Arrears: If you are in arrears an need to discuss your rent account please call us on 0345 141 4663

Managing Money: If you need advice about Universal Credit or any other benefits check our help pages.

Reporting anti-social behaviour (ASB): Everyone has the right to enjoy peace and quiet in their own home. We’re committed to working with you to help you resolve any forms of anti-social behaviour but we’re also asking you to see things from the both sides in helping us resolve ASB issues. You can find out more on our anti-social behaviour explained page. If you need further advice you should call the Customer Service Centre on 0345 141 4663.

We value the service we deliver to you and are confident our new approach will meet your requirements as well as delivering an efficient service that is also value for money. We also need you to support our statutory partners in delivering their services to you when reporting ASB to help resolve issues reported.