Home Group's response to announcement that LHA caps will be scrapped

October 25th, 2017 in Home Group News

Rachael Byrne, Exec Director, New Models of Care at Home Group said: “Today’s announcement that all Local Housing Allowance caps for all supported and social housing would be scrapped is fantastic news and really puts the whole of the supported and social housing sector on a long-term sustainable footing.

"Home Group is delighted to announce that, as a result, today we approved an investment of £50 million to bring forward three new supported housing and health schemes in Southampton, Calderdale and Scarborough. Together these will support an additional 247 vulnerable people.

“This is evidence that the government recognises the impact that our sectors’ deliver, in providing high quality affordable and supported homes. It is a strategic priority for Home Group to continue to offer high-quality integrated supported housing that represents value for money, and this announcement gives us the certainty and therefore confidence we need to deliver the further 1,800 supported homes we have planned.

“We had also anticipated that 264 of our general needs customers had been affected by the capping of housing benefit at local housing allowance, with a further 1,211 customers under the age of 35 who could be affected by the shared accommodation rate. This announcement gives these customers the certainty they need over their future income and means we can go forward with confidence in delivering 10,000 new homes.”