Digital innovation hits the spotlight as experts seek new solutions to promote independence in the home

March 23rd, 2018 in Home Group News

Northumbria University Newcastle logo

One of the UK’s largest providers of homes has joined forces with a global university to seek new solutions that promote independence in the home.

Home Group is working with researchers from Northumbria University, Newcastle, to develop a new technology strategy that supports optimal health and wellbeing through innovative home and service design.

A workshop to be held at Gateshead’s Northern Design Centre on Tuesday 27th March will kick-start discussions that can be taken forward by Home Group’s New Models of Care team.

Dr Nichola Stefanou, head of clinical practice, Home Group, said: “The traditional care home setting is no longer suitable for every individual who needs some degree of support in the home. 

“For many, prolonging independence is paramount. Having choice, freedom and confidence through independence can also promote physical and mental wellbeing, technology plays a big role in making this a possibility!

“How much independence we, as individuals, can enjoy has to start at home. And that is why Home Group feels willing and able to play a significant role in providing innovative new solutions to enable this.”

The workshop involves experts from Home Group, Northumbria University and other international organisations who will come together to look at current and future technologies.

Dr Glenda Cook, Professor of Nursing at Northumbria University, said: “The purpose of the workshop is to bring academics together from different research disciplines and areas of expertise, to work collaboratively with Home Group exploring what technological resources exist and future possibilities for innovative housing, and service delivery models. 
“Knowledge exchange partnerships like this between universities and industry can be extraordinarily creative and productive.”