Home Group Chief Exec welcomes commitment to housing and social care in cabinet reshuffle

January 8th, 2018 in Home Group News


Mark Henderson, chief executive, Home Group, said: “We’re delighted to see the housing portfolio brought into the cabinet...

"Sajid Javid’s expanded remit creates a more integrated approach, provides continuity and reaffirms the government’s commitment to housing and just how important tackling the crisis is. We hope this will affect real change for many vulnerable people.

“Home Group alone has plans to build 10,000 new high quality homes by 2021 and having dynamic government support in place is key to our success.

“We have already welcomed moves that will allow us to build more efficiently, with the review of land assembly powers that will ensure land is used effectively – creating the right kinds of homes in the right communities.

“However, once the bricks are laid and the mortar dry, we have a continued role to play in supporting people into home ownership, which is why we are developing products such as ‘deposit builder’ and providing shared ownership opportunities to help people onto the property ladder.

“In terms of health, starting the new year with the uncertainty of a cabinet re-shuffle will hopefully encourage Jeremy Hunt to look again with fresh eyes at the challenges facing the health sector, particularly following a difficult few winter months. However, his ongoing role, which incorporates social care, will give us a really great opportunity to push forward in integrating health, housing and social care.

“We know that almost one third of NHS delayed transfers of care are due to housing related issues, and we also know that poor housing costs the NHS approximately £1.4 billion per year. So given the crossover of impact, what I hope to see is Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid commit to a more collaborative approach to find the solution.

“We can only help people effectively for the long-term if we remove our internal barriers and pool funds and resources to offer a more holistic approach – and that means more consideration of how one cabinet member’s portfolio impacts on the other. Home Group are already doing this in health and housing by developing our New Models of Care, but there is always more we can do to improve and a more streamlined and integrated approach from the top will allow this to take effect more swiftly and with greater success.

“I’m looking forward to working with Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid and seeing how they provide us with a clear pathway to health and housing collaboration.”