Don't be left in the cold this winter

November 3rd, 2016 in Home Group News

Householders are being urged to make sure their heating systems are working ahead of winter.

Householders are being urged to make sure their heating systems are working ahead of winter.

Affordable housing provider Home Group is urging all of its customers to test their heating systems, which may have been left unused during warmer summer months, by turning them on for an hour.

As nights draw in and the temperatures begin to drop Home Group sees a spike in the number of people who report a faulty boiler.

Graham Darby, Home Group assistant director of customer service, said: “Modern boilers are generally very reliable but like any machine they can be subject to breakdowns, and these are more likely to occur when they haven’t been used for a while and are suddenly brought back into action.”

Rather than waiting for a cold snap and turning on a boiler only find it breaks down customers are being advised to give it a trial run now.

Graham added: “We do all we can to ensure our boilers are reliable as possible by servicing them each year and carrying out gas safety checks. However we do see a spike in calls which directly relate to the first cold snap of winter each year.

“Heating breakdowns are very important repairs for us which means we will always attend as soon as possible. If the boiler can be fixed there and then it will obviously be repaired.

“Sometimes we need a part which we don’t carry on our vans and we have to order it in and this can mean a customer waiting. By testing their boiler now customers can minimise any inconvenience to themselves.”

There are some simple steps customers can take to remedy boiler faults. These include: Checking the gas supply is on, relighting a pilot light by following manufacturer’s instructions, and making sure batteries in thermostats are working.

Any Home Group customers who do experience heating problems should call 0345 141 4663 and our trained staff can provide more advice.