Customer and Client Awards 2015 - Winners revealed

September 10th, 2015 in Home Group News

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us in York on Friday the 30th of October to celebrate the amazing achievements of our customers and clients.

A great time was had by all. Some incredible stories were shared, sometimes funny, often touching and always inspirational.

It must have been hard for the judges to choose their winners, but somehow they did, and here are the results:

Brilliant team
Winner: Kirklees Happiness Group
Kirklees Happiness Group has been mainly developed by Josh Swailes, Nathan Dibb and Ian Falke and aims to improve the wellbeing of all clients in Kirklees through activities, confidence building and mutual support. Their hard work has paid off and events such as those held at Easter and Summer have been well supported by many local people, with much more planned for the future.

Client Involvement
Winner: Client Panel
In the last 12 months the client panel has shaped changed and influenced a whole range of services, policies, processes and plans at Home Group. They are a tremendously supportive team who have also made amazing individual progress through their participation. Their contribution has been truly invaluable.

Client of the Year
Winner: Sean McCabe
Sean overcame his personal issues by dedicating himself to the garden of Townsend House, transforming a basic and rather neglected area into a beautiful and much admired space. He has shown such skill that he has now extended his talents to other move-on properties and even been invited to work at a sister service. His accomplishments are quite remarkable and have benefitted so many.

Customer Involvement
Winner: North West Viewpoint Team (NWRVT)
NWRVT have had another fantastically busy and successful year. They have been involved in various panels, new developments and service reviews, making a huge and very valuable contribution to everything they participate in. At a time of great change the NWRVT have remained strong, successful and committed to Home Group.

Customer of the Year
Winner: Dee Turner
Dee has now been involved in her local community for over four decades. Throughout that time she has proven to be trustworthy, caring, dedicated and selflessly devoted to others, making a positive difference to people's lives, neighbourhoods and homes.

Equality and Diversity champion
Winner: Ruth Jackson
Ruth is both a role model and an active member of the human library, spreading the word about her religion. Open, honest, polite and friendly, she works hard to fight stereotypes wherever she encounters them and has contributed so much to equality and diversity within Home Group.

Mentor or befriender of the year
Winner: Joslyn Wrightson
Joslyn's lifeskills and experience, coupled with her gentleness and empathy, have made her approachable to many clients who can
see that she understands what they are going through. She mentors on a one to one basis and has successfully transformed the lives of those she has supported, including bringing individuals who are nervous and withdrawn back into active society.

Most Caring
Winner: Wendy Pain
Wendy makes Applegrove such a pleasure to live and work in. She does all she can to prevent anyone feeling isolated, welcoming new residents, chatting to them and encouraging them to participate in scheme events. There is always something going on at Applegrove and Wendy is always at the heart of it. She is a much loved central figure of the community.

Neighbour of the year

Winner: Steve Tutt
Steve displays tremendous dedication and care for his neighbours and neighbourhood. He has long been active on residents associations for years and often assists elderly and infirm neighbours with paperwork and reporting. Selfless and genuine in everything he does, he is a true community champion.

Personal Progression

Winner: Jamie Nicholson
Jamie has gone from strength to strength since joining the national client panel back in September 2014, broadening his skills and seizing new opportunities. Facing up to all challenges he travelled the country helping with client assessments. Jamie's attributes have since helped him secure an apprenticeship with Home Group.

Volunteer of the Year
Winner: Michelle Shevlin
Former client Michelle volunteers at our Office, Community Cafe, Community Allotment and Client Involvement Group. She is extremely motivated and is always on hand to help out whererever and whenever she can. Michelle has come such a long way in her personal life and is truly an example to us all, giving so much of her time, energy and enthusiasm.

Youth Achievement
Winner: Chantell Clifford
Chantell has faced many challenges in her short life and has no other support besides Homegroup staff. Determined and hard-working, she has overcome her difficulties, secured a place at University and landed the job of her dreams, all while inspiring other clients to follow her example and apply for jobs and courses.