Key facts

Home Group is one of the UK's biggest providers of social housing and care and support services.

Here's 12 fascinating facts about us:



  1.     Home Group was created in 1935, following a visit and subsequent announcement by the then Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin.
  2.     Our turnover is more than £300 million per annum.
  3.     We have assets worth £3.5 billion on the open market.
  4.     Home Group employs over 3000 people across the UK.
  5.     We provide homes for more than 100,000 people in around 55,000 properties around the UK.
  6.     Our customers are at the heart of its work and are actively involved in deciding what the organisation does, and how it goes about it.
  7.     Stonham, part of Home Group, provides support to more than 22,000 vulnerable people in 526 support schemes within 147 local authorities.
  8.     We built our first Code 6 sustainable home in Stevenage, meeting state of the art environmental standards.
  9.     Current Home Group contracts are worth £205 million per annum to suppliers across the country.
  10.     In 2011 we became the first housing provider in Britain to be transparent about making available all expenditure over £500.
  11.     We provide customers with a wealth of flexible housing options, including renting, shared equity, part-ownership, through to outright purchase.
  12.     There are Home Group customers and clients in more than 220 of the UK’s local authority areas.
If you want to learn more about our story, history and values you can find it on this website.