Happy birthday to you!

July 29th, 2016 by The Mag Editor in Features

Celebrating 80, 90 and 100 years! We're celebrating some big anniversaries this year. From Home Group's 80th anniversary to the Queen's 90th birthday, it's certainly been a time of celebration.

With that in mind, we wanted to celebrate some major milestones in our clients' lives. 

Meet John Ludbrook and Doris Richards. John, one of our client editors, celebrated his 90th birthday this year and he's still going strong, dancing with the ladies at Applegrove's garden parties. John's the feature of this season's comic strip, in which he shares some of his most memorable moments.

And Doris, from our Robert Daniels Court accommodation, celebrated her 100th birthday this year. Doris shares her sage advice on how to live a happy life. 

Comic strip sharing Doris' sage advice on how to live a happy life

The secrets to a healthy and happy life – by Doris Richards

I am Doris Richards, born in Leyton - East London on 27th February 1916 to loving and caring parents. My childhood was always interesting with reading, running and swimming. I married to Mr. Frederick W.M. Richards in Walthamstow when I was twenty years old.                              

My husband was a Technical Officer, and he received the British Empire Medal from Buckingham Palace from Queen Elizabeth and the Prime Minister in 1961. I am blessed with a daughter Chris who sadly is no more. My granddaughter Debbie is caring for me and I have been living in Robert Daniels Court since February 2014.

I turned one hundred years old on 27th February 2016 and I am still living a healthy life!

Reading and gardening were always my passions. I feel ‘reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’. Before I used to do a bit of gardening, but now I enjoy just being in the garden and seeing the flowers.
My life experience has been up and down, but I have had the confidence to overcome anything.

My motto is ‘SSS for a healthy life’ which means no salt, no sugar and no sex! This is what I live by for a healthy lifestyle. Walking daily in a clean atmosphere (in the garden, or forest, for example) is great for your health. And my advice is, do it yourself - don’t just lean on others unless it is real necessity to do so. Try to have a clear and confident mind set every day of your life and surround yourself with loving and caring people. I regularly attend coffee mornings in the scheme to socialise and meet people.

I like natural things in my life. I do not eat any tinned foods and my granddaughter has always cooked fresh food for me. I like my porridge with honey, tomato soup, fruits and vegetables every day.  

A real challenge I am dealing with now is how to prevent isolation.  This has become a social problem so I am engaging with the Parish Church in Theydon Bois and every Thursday I go out with my friend Betty Burton - transport is always provided by a church member.

I like to think young people use IT for socialising, whereas we older people predominantly use it to connect with families. The officer in my scheme is trying to put technology in place that prevents isolation by allowing me to connect with my granddaughter, Debbi and her three children. They have recently moved to Australia.

Our life is a gift from God. Make the most of it. Give a helping hand to people who are in need.