Donna's story

January 4th, 2017 in Features

Inspired by real life experiences of living with fibromyalgia.

Comic book image of a lady in the kitchen clutching her arm in pain whilst her daughters fight. Comic book image of the lady in bed looking at her calendar.

Daily life for Donna was very stressful. 

Donna: "I really can't cope with this. On top of being a single mum and working, I feel so ill."

Her physical health was deteriorating, making it a massive struggle to manage all the things she needed to do.

Donna: "I am in so much pain. I have to get some help. I just can't get to work!"

Donna is leaning on a cane in her GP's office. She goes home and reads retirement cards whilst her daughters fight.

Things got worse for Donna. After many visits to specialists and her GP, they finally made a diagnosis.

GP: "I'm afraid you have something called's a long term condition that causes you pain all over.

Donna had to retire in her thirties - unable to work due to her poor health and life at home wasn't getting any less stressful.

Donna: :"So what do I do now? I'm 37, can't work and I have two children too support."

A Home Group colleague shakes hands with Donna in the doorway of her office. Donna reads a job vacancy news paper, looking happier.

A Home Group support worker was appointed to Donna and she received help on and off over the next three years.

Home Group support worker: "Donna have you thought about all the support we can offer you?"

Donna spent the next few years battling with fybromyalgia, looking after her daughters and trying to keep as mobile as possible.

Donna: "I really want to help other people. I'd like to support others through difficult times."

Donna talks to a neighbour outside her house. She is in the kitchen with her family, they are all smiling.

Donna moved on from needing supported services to becoming a customer, living in a Home Group property. Home Group helped her achieve new aspirations.

Donna: "I've made so many new friends. It's got me out the house and I don't feel so down anymore!"

Neighbour: "I'm glad you moved here - you're such a thoughtful neighbour!"

There's so much to look forward to! Home Group has supported me when I needed it and now I'm a customer in my own home!!"

Building homes, independence and aspirations.