How much of an effect does workplace wellbeing have on productivity?

October 9th, 2017 in Recruitment


On World Mental Health Day 2017, Home Group’s Media Executive Danny Gee speaks with Director of People, Susan Coulson, on the importance of mental health support at work.

Home Group has its own wellbeing strategy for employees – is this something that Home Group has pioneered or is it a general term that the company has tapped into?

“It’s something that we’ve identified ourselves from colleague feedback and feedback from the Great Place to Work survey, which is about employee satisfaction.

“And we found that there’s a massive link between wellbeing and employee engagement so we set up the strategy, in consultation with colleagues to ensure we have the right services in place.”

How exactly does Home Group’s wellbeing strategy operate?

“It’s been developed with the wellbeing group, including managers and colleagues from across the organisation.

“Using the insights we’ve got from our employee satisfaction survey, and then looking at those in light of our four key values – Accountable, Caring, Energised and Commercial - informed the development of the strategy.

“The strategy offers a number of services and spaces to discuss issues and share experiences with colleagues, such as in Workplace, our Facebook portal where colleagues created a peer support group. There is also professional support from our health and wellbeing partner, Team Prevent, and access to Care First’s counselling service 24 hours a day.”

Home Group was ranked 33rd nationally in this year’s Great Place to Work survey – do you think the company’s attitude towards mental health and wellbeing played a big part in that?

“Absolutely, if you look at the questions in the survey and how they were answered, there is a definite link between engagement and wellbeing. A lot of the comments we’ve had on the back of the survey tell us that people can be themselves here, and that’s also being evidenced with Workplace discussions.

“Colleagues can access closed groups where they can talk about their challenges and feel support from colleagues, or access the professional services from Team Prevent and Care First for no cost. I think this support makes a huge difference to colleague satisfaction.”

Does Home Group’s expertise in the design and delivery of mental health services and programmes, inform the provision of support to employees?

“Of course. We have such a great history of supporting customers with mental health needs, why wouldn’t you utilise that for the benefit of your colleagues too?

“We’ve been able to take a lot of the learning, practices and approaches and apply them to our colleague offer, providing enhancement and support.”

How important is it that Home Group’s employees are happy and healthy, both at work and at home?

“For us, it’s really important to have that balance because whatever happens at home impacts on your work life, and if colleagues feel that they’ve got problems at home we want to make sure we’re doing what we can to avoid adding to that, and help look for solutions.

“There are lots of surveys and insights we can access, such as the Great Place to Work survey that shows that link between work and home. Our cultural programme, Living our Values demonstrates how everything we do comes back to our four values, and how important they are to our culture.”

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