Getting to know Toyin Falade

July 7th, 2017 in Recruitment

A photo of a woman with braids wearing an orange blouse - Toyin Falade

Meet Toyin Falade, Home Group's Head of Sales and Marketing

What does your role involve? 
I am responsible for the sales and marketing of all Home Group new homes nationally. These are sold as a combination of shared ownership and outright sales. We have set ourselves some ambitious targets for the next five years, and, with the help of my team, I will ensure that we have effective sales and marketing strategies in place in order for us to sell off-plan and maximise values. It is also my responsibility to ensure that the customer journey is seamless, and that we are exceeding customer expectations and satisfaction.

What’s your biggest achievement so far with Home Group?
I’m incredibly proud of the team that I have recruited and mentored. The team has a fresh outlook and is energised and motivated to meet our commercial objectives.

What’s your ambition for Home Group and how will you influence it?
My strongest ambition for Home Group is for our new Persona brand to be a huge success and perceived by home buyers as a brand of quality that speaks to their individual needs. Through Persona, we will position ourselves as a major developer so as to deliver 10,000 homes in the next five years of which half will be for sale. I will continue to lead the development of Persona and will use my role to improve sales performance across the group.

What does a home mean to you?
Home is where the heart is. I completed a dissertation for my MSc on the ‘Meaning of Home’ and it is something I feel very passionate about. Our homes are much more than just financial assets. They have deep emotional meaning and are the building blocks of our lives.

What are you most excited about in terms of future housing developments/ design?
Growing up on a housing  estate in South London, I believe that we as housing providers have a responsibility to create balanced, sustainable and thriving communities. We can do this through good design, thoughtful planning and excellent housing management and maintenance.

Why Home Group?
Having worked for various developers and housing associations, my experience of Home Group and its people is that it is an organisation that has strong ambitions to effect real positive change. We have the expertise to challenge our competitors without losing focus on the prize – putting our customers first and at the heart of all we do. I want to sell new homes and maximise our returns in order that we can continue to serve the people and communities we operate within.