Getting to know Fiona Ramsay

August 24th, 2018 in Recruitment

Fiona Ramsay- 2 web

Meet Fiona Ramsay, Home Group’s Clinical Lead for Mental Health.

What does your role involve?

My role as Clinical Lead for Mental Health is quite varied, but largely I ensure that our services respond to the growing need for mental health support, and can continue to do so in future.

I am involved with shaping training, clinical governance, reflective practice, and the individual services that each rely on these. I also provide clinical expertise to Home Group, in what’s an increasingly important time for us as we prepare to roll out a number of services within our New Models of Care.

What is your biggest achievement with Home Group so far?

At Home Group’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference last November, I introduced colleagues to the ‘stress vulnerability bucket’. The idea was proposed by Dr Alison Brabban to understand psychosis, but it can be adapted to understand how stress can impact on any of us.

When stress gets too much the bucket spills over, however if we put holes in the bucket we can relieve the impact stress is having and understand the factors that cause it. It’s important to normalise mental ill health – understanding stress and how to cope with it is part of that.

What’s your ambition for Home Group and how will you influence it?

I’d like to make a real difference to the customers who use our mental health services. The work we do has an impact on their lives, and we want to make that a positive impact.

My team and I will continue to look at ways in which current health demands and pressures on the NHS can be responded to, and develop services that do just that.

What does a home mean to you?

It’s somewhere you can feel safe and connected, with both friends and family.

What are you most excited about in terms of future housing developments/design?

The opportunity to provide customers with mental health problems a safe alternative to hospital, where they can regain their independence and connect back with their local communities with help from skilled and compassionate staff.

Largely, housing and health remain separate and we often find that patients no longer need to be in hospital but aren’t supported when they go home. We want to bridge that gap and help patients through the transition.

Why Home Group?

I’ve worked as a mental health nurse for nearly 20 years and it is great to have an opportunity to connect my health expertise with Home Group’s knowledge in housing.

Through doing that we’re able to deliver practical solutions to the complex problems we’re facing in health and housing.