Getting to know Dr Nichola Stefanou

March 28th, 2018 in Recruitment

Dr Nichola Stefanou, head of clinical practice at Home Group

Meet Dr Nichola Stefanou, Home Group’s Head of Clinical Practice.

What does your role involve? 
I lead the clinical practice team within our new models of care – the new approach we have to the services we provide and how they can assist the NHS. My team win new business and develop new service offerings, and support colleagues in maintaining excellent standards in our operations. 

This could be helping a customer with medication, or having a conversation to improve their understanding of their own health issues.

What’s your biggest achievement so far with Home Group?
I think this would be the development of our clinical governance committee and processes. They really help support the business as it stands now, and also help to future proof it as we move forward with our strategy. I’m really pleased I’m able to get so involved with shaping that strategy. 

What’s your ambition for Home Group and how will you influence it?
I want Home Group to be market leaders in our new models of care, and I believe that’s possible - we can be the best when it comes to caring and improving outcomes for vulnerable people. 
My team and I support this by assisting the design team in creating services that are suited to the needs of those who we help.

What does a home mean to you?
A home is a safe place. It’s somewhere you can feel comfortable, at ease and at peace. 

What are you most excited about in terms of future housing developments/design?
I’m very excited about our community wellbeing offer and how we integrate technology to promote healthy living and self care. I’m also really pleased to be able to work with colleagues in development and continue pushing the boundaries on what can be done. 

Why Home Group?
I was really curious about the new strategy and what new models of care entailed. I was sold when realising I would have a hand in innovating existing services and practices, as well as housing and development. This is a game changer and something that the NHS really needs to take notice of!