Apprenticeships offer much more than a wage

January 17th, 2018 by Mark Henderson, Chief Executive in Recruitment

Customer Service Apprentice

General opinion towards apprenticeships is changing. And not just on the side of those taking them up, also those dishing them out. In recent years, the government’s interest has peaked and they’re starting to cash in — there's never been a better time to become an apprentice.

As an advocate for apprenticeships, I’m glad the general consensus seems to be shifting. These programmes aren’t just an option when finishing GCSE’s at school — they’re now building their reputation as a viable and practical alternative to university, and rightly so.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also in support of further education, but it must be said that it isn’t for everyone. And even if you’re after the best of both worlds, Home Group’s higher level apprenticeships provide degree-level qualifications.

And age shouldn’t be a factor – we don’t want to restrict potential applicants to school leavers and university hopefuls, as anyone of any age can be an apprentice.

The apprenticeship programme we offer is completely inclusive, and you don’t need to be new to Home Group to get involved. Even our customers can apply, and that’s something we actively encourage.

We want to find the right people, and that’s our priority. Apprentices play such an important role in our business, and cover such a huge range of skills that are pivotal in helping us achieve our goals.

Apprenticeships offer training on the job alongside an earn-while-you-learn ethos. At Home Group our programmes vary in length and give you vital experience that remove the need for additional work placements.

You finish the scheme in a strong position, and this is reflected in the 80% of our apprentices who find work straight away. A huge percentage of these also stay on with Home Group.

And we’re delighted that our approach is being recognised – a few months back we were announced as the North East’s Large Employer of the Year in the regional finals of the National Apprenticeship Awards.

If that wasn’t enough, we were then judged by a panel and invited to the national finals, where we’re one of three in the hat for National Large Employer of the Year.

Our attitude towards apprenticeships is something we’re immensely proud of, and we’re seeing real gains from it – but we aren’t the only ones who understand just how fundamental apprenticeships are in the running of a company.

The government has been keeping tabs on the developments in apprenticeship offerings, and last year launched their new levy to fund and support training.

We are among the larger employers who pay into the levy. This money goes into an account that paying-in businesses can claim funds from, to pay for training and qualifications — your training and qualifications.

For us, this can only be good. We see the people behind the roles and titles, and apprenticeships give us a great opportunity to see how those involved fit with us.

It’s almost a try-before-you-buy way of thinking, through which both employer and employee can test each other’s suitability before committing to a full time role with the company.

Knowing you’re valued makes such a big difference to your engagement at work, and something we rate highly at Home Group.

We want people who want to work for us, and make a difference for the people we serve. At the end of the day, we’re only as good as the people we employ.

Interested in becoming a home Group apprentice? Take a look at our apprenticeships page to find out about the opportunities we have available and how you can apply.