Advice for apprentices

March 2nd, 2018 in Recruitment

Advice for apprentices

We’re pretty chuffed to have helped over 300 people, including many of our customers, kick-start their careers by providing them with apprenticeships.

If you're thinking of becoming an apprentice follow Connor’s advice and “Go for it” by heading over to our apprenticeships pages for all the info.

Whether, like our apprentices, you’re aged 17 or 57 it can be daunting, exciting and many other emotions in-between to take your first steps as an apprentice. So we asked a few of our apprentices what it really feels like and what advice they’d share with wannabe apprentices everywhere.

Who did you call first to share the news you’d been taken on as an apprentice?

Emma: My husband; he was incredibly proud of me.  It’s a big step taking an apprenticeship at 33 years old.
Kyra: I called my mum first to tell her that I was going to be an apprentice. I think she was happy that I found something at last that I felt proud of becoming and I was happy to be part of a workplace that made me feel valued.
Louise: The first person I called when I found out I had gotten the apprenticeship was my dad; he was as excited as me and told me he was really proud.
Connor: The first person I rang was my mam as she was at work. She was very happy and ecstatic that I was successful in landing my apprenticeship.

How did it feel to get your first pay packet as an apprenticeship?

Emma: Relieved! 
Louise: Getting my first pay package felt unreal. After a couple months of applying for jobs and apprenticeships, I didn’t think I was going to find anything. Especially not a job as good as this. It really filled me with a sense of achievement.
Connor: It felt great receiving my first official pay as this was something I wasn’t used to getting at the end of the month.
Chanelle: It was great to get paid and know that I am still learning 
Kyra: I was totally chuffed to see my first pay packet and be able to spend some money without worrying.

advice for apprentices on their first day

What do you remember most about your first day as an apprentice?

Emma: I was made to feel extremely welcome by my new team. 
Louise: I remember be worried about what first impression I would make, eventually coming into the office and being surprised at how warm welcoming everyone was.
Connor: I just remember being overwhelmed meeting all the new different teams and colleagues that I’d be working alongside and how welcome they made me feel.
Kyra: I was so nervous but I had no need to be. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive and I really enjoyed my first day.
Chanelle: Everyone being so welcome and everyone saying ‘Hi’!

What’s the first treat you bought yourself, or your friends and family, when you got paid for the first time?

Emma: No treats; I paid my bills.
Louise: The first thing I bought after my first pay was a meal and drinks for myself and my family to celebrate.
Connor: I bought myself a brand new 55” TV for my room.
Kyra: I brought my daughter and myself new shoes and we went out for a nice lunch.
Chanelle: Put some money aside for my children for their first holiday since they were born six years ago.

How did you celebrate your first week as an apprentice? 

Emma: Drinks with my hubby.
Kyra: Telling all my friends and family that I was so happy and that I really loved my new job.
Louise: To celebrate my first week as an apprentice with Home Group I went out for drinks with my friends.
Connor: With a nice long nap! My mind was overloaded from all the new things I learned!
Chanelle: As a family we went to the pictures and had a day out. 

What words of advice would you share with either someone thinking about, or even starting, an apprenticeship?

Emma: Open mind, learning opportunities, career progression, supportive employer, excellent opportunity. 
Louise: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Connor: Go for it! I bet you’ll enjoy it!
Kyra: The best choice I have made in a long time.
Chanelle: Pay is not just money, it’s the beginning of life and new adventure.  

Thanks to Emma, Louise, Connor, Kyra and Chanelle for taking part in our Q&A and being some of our brilliant apprentices.