The Nimby Is In Decline — We Needn't Apologise For Building The Homes That Britain Needs

October 15th, 2017 in Mark Henderson, Home Group CEO, blog

Theresa May’s speech last week put housing in the spotlight. A well-deserved spotlight in my view. It might not have generated as much social media buzz as the Frida Kahlo bracelet or the cough sweet, but social housing did enjoy its share of the limelight.

As many of us are aware, the Prime Minister announced a £2bn funding pot increase for social and council housing. Whilst it won’t solve the housing crisis overnight, it is a step in the right direction and confirmation that government is keen to address the need for more affordable housing. I can only welcome that.

Of course, this announcement sparked age-old concerns around nimbyism (the public cry of ‘not in my back yard’ when it comes to housing developments). Will we be faced with the angry nimby brigade causing developers problems by raising objections to affordable housing schemes? Actually, any worries we have in that respect may not be entirely justified. The nimby, while not extinct, is starting to become a rarer species.

When it comes to social housing anyway.

In fact, according to The Times’ Anne Ashworth who shared a panel debate with my colleague Brian Ham at the Conservative Party Conference, nimbyism needs to make way for slimbyism (something logical in my backyard). And our research proves she’s onto something there…

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