The Housing Bill is important – but it ought not to become a distraction

August 3rd, 2015 by Mark Henderson, Chief Executive in Mark Henderson, Home Group CEO, blog

The Housing Bill is going to no doubt create a lot of coverage for weeks and indeed months to come.

At 119 pages plus guidance there is a lot to digest and much of that won’t become 100% clear until we see the regulations which are going to make it happen.

My gut feel is that for the moment however, there is a danger it becomes a distraction. That would be a real shame because there is already a lot more we can be doing without the government needing to change things.

So here’s a pitch on Flexi Rent which I’ve recently made at the Party Conferences around what we can be doing irrespective of what the government is or isn’t changing.

Any credible solution to the housing crisis involves building more homes than we do now. That’s obvious, but the real question is how do we fund that?

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