What does Social Justice look like in housing?

March 8th, 2016 in Mark Henderson, Home Group CEO, blog

That’s one of the questions that the Centre for Social Justice have been asking this week with the launch of a new report which Home Group have helped to sponsor. Do we agree with every word of it – well no.

But it is I hope a welcome addition to the debate. The Centre of Social Justice, given it’s history, clearly has very strong links with Government and its vital we engage with them. Left or Right – Home Group is agnostic and we have worked with partners of all shapes, sizes and leanings.

One of the things a few cynics might be surprised to see the CSJ raise is the issue about what happens to the poorest and the strong emphasis this places on doing more for them. As they accurately say we need more homes that people can rent. I don’t see that as anti-homeownership. It’s about a whole range of products and tenures.

The Government we know are very keen on Starter Homes. When 86% of people want to own their own home then that’s understandable. But we as a social enterprise are also about the remaining 14% who for whatever reason don’t want that.

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