More speed and more haste please Minister

August 1st, 2016 in Mark Henderson, Home Group CEO, blog

Amidst all the tumultuous change of the past months, it seems that decades have been sliced into weeks, weeks into days and hours into minutes.

Yet, in the past week we have already seen the pace of change slow dramatically. Politics, like the rest of us, is drawing a long deep breath and looking forward to a pause, however brief, over the summer.

Damian Green MP, the new work and pensions secretary, announced that the rollout of Universal Credit would be delayed yet again. As a provider, I know it’s much better than pressing ahead when the system isn’t right. A system which doesn’t work properly is not good for our customers. This can’t have been an easy decision because it will have a significant cost as more people stay on the more expensive tax credit system. If it has any wider meaning, it’s probably that the Conservatives feel sufficiently comfortable that they will still be in post in six years’ time to ensure it’s delivered.

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