Nominating is a great way to say thank you

January 19th, 2017 in Customer Service blog

Three people stand together, Dee Turner in the middle.

Customer Dee Turner was a 2016 award winning customer!

Showing someone that they’re recognised for all their hard work in making your community a great place to live is a great way of saying thank you!

Dee, a Home Group customer from the North West (pictured centre)  won our 2016 Customer of the Year award for championing community development in her neighbourhood.

Dee is a member of Aspatria Town Council and has been involved in improving her neighbourhood since moving she moved there twelve years ago. She engages with local residents and if there is a problem, Dee is always the first to come up with a solution then gets on with helping everyone involved to complete the work.

Dee was delighted to win! She said: “I certainly didn’t expect to win – I’ve been nominated for awards on several occasions but hadn’t won before. It was a shock and I was delighted.”

"One thing that I really enjoyed was that I could share the experience with close friends which made the celebration even more significant.”

Dee is described by those who know her as a brilliant lady who is a real community leader, activist and Home Group supporter. Her ability to engage others, learn new skills and use them all for the benefit of her community has been evident over many, many years.

Nominations for the customer and client awards 2017 are now closed. Thanks to everyone who nominated inspirational people who’ve make a real difference. You can still read about some of our previous winners and what made them so special.

Find out who is a winner in our customer and client awards 2017. Winners to be announced in March.