Online Communities

September 16th, 2016 in Corporate Blog

Person with laptop on knee and cup of coffee

There’s no denying it - the internet has changed the way we live our lives.

Having the answer to almost every question imaginable at our fingertips may have damaged our trust in the team that wins the pub quiz every week, but it also means we can educate ourselves on issues that are important to us quicker than ever before. Illnesses included.

We’ve all looked up a symptom online, and found a whole host of websites ready to diagnose our common cold as something obscure. Beyond such websites are online communities providing support for members who may otherwise go through their illness alone.

The word ‘support group’ conjures up the image of people perched on uncomfortable plastic chairs in a dingy basement, but today it is more likely to be a commuter checking their Facebook app whilst on the train, or someone replying to a comment chain on a message board.

Online communities exist for everything, not just health issues. They provide a place to talk to people with mutual interests, whether that be a love of tea or an interest in cats standing up. There are more useful communities, of course, like OLIO - an app connecting neighbours, local shops and cafes in an effort to reduce food waste.

Online communities are a place to ask questions and help other people out, they’re a way of feeling involved. Home Group offer such a community. Anyone@Home is a place to have your say on the issues which affect Home Group customers and clients.

The community helps keep customers and clients up to date with what’s going on at Home Group, what changes we have made based on feedback we have been given, and anything we need help with. It’s a great place to discuss things that are important to you.

You can read everything posted in the community right away, and all you need to do to get involved is make a Disqus account. Disqus is an online discussion platform used by lots of different websites. The beauty of using Disqus for our online community is that you can use one login to comment on other websites and other areas of the Home Group website where comments are enabled (for example on our news and blog posts). Signing up is easy - you can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or Google logins, or you can create a separate individual login.
Online communities break down global barriers, meaning people can connect with other members at any time, from anywhere. Being able to discuss something with people in a similar situation or with a similar interest is priceless, especially if you can do it at the drop of a hat (or click of a mouse).

Do you want to help change, shape and influence Home Group? Then Anyone@Home is the place to do it.