Repairs - your responsibilities

When you signed your tenancy agreement you will have been given information on which repairs are your responsibility and which are our responsibility. This is detailed in your customer handbook.

Your rent includes payment towards the cost of most repair and maintenance work, however you also have some responsibilities for keeping your home maintained. This includes being responsible for some minor repairs.

It’s really important you follow the correct steps and check first if it’s a minor repair that is your responsibility. You can check in your customer handbook or here on this page. If you are still unsure, please call our customer service centre.

In some instances, such as if a customer is considered vulnerable, we will carry out the repair. 

To help you, we’ve created a handy DIY section where you can find hints and tips on carrying out minor repairs.

You should always consult a reputable tradesperson or seek advice and help if you are unsure about how to carry out a repair or if it is unsafe for you to carry out the work yourself.

Please note that you are also responsible for repairing anything damaged through wear and tear, misuse or neglect by you, your family or visitors.

Customers are responsible for repairing, renewing or replacing the following:

  • Your responsibilities - externally

    • - TV aerials - unless located in a multi-storey block, low rise or multi occupancy property with shared communal aerial facilities.
      - Cutting grass, hedges or shrubs within your property
      - Washing lines or rotary driers
      - Sheds 
  • Your responsibilities internally - Bathroom

    • - Bath and sink plug and chains
      - Toilets (including replacing a toilet system), basins, sinks, baths or shower blockages which have been caused by customers placing objects in waste systems causing blockages (e.g. wipes, nappies, toys, cotton buds). Blockage clearance may be may be subject to recharge
      - Shower curtains or rails
      - Toilet seats
      - Toilet roll holders
  • Your responsibilities internally - Condensation

    • If you have condensation in your home, there are steps you should consider taking to help reduce it. We have produced a guide to help you. Have a look at our DIY section to find out more. 
      We do not clean mould caused by condensation, this is your responsibility.

  • Your responsibilities internally - Decorating your home

    • Any home redecoration including removal of Artex, removal and application of wall paper, any internal washing of surfaces and painting is a customer's responsibility. You should seek advice from a reputable tradesperson if you are planning on removing Artex materials

      Note - Asbestos containing materials are generally safe if undisturbed. There is the potential for some textured coatings (such as Artex) to contain asbestos fibres. Before disturbing, removing, or sanding or drilling these materials, you must check with a specialist to confirm whether there is asbestos present in the Artex coating. If asbestos fibres are found in the Artex materials you should then ensure work is carried out in a safe manner to prevent exposure of asbestos fibres. If you are unsure about what you need to do or you would like further information, please contact our Customer Service Centre in the first instance.

  • Your responsibilities internally - Electrical and associate

    • - TV and telephone outlet points
      - Domestic appliances such as cookers, freezers, fridges, washing machines etc unless provided by Home Group and specifically referenced in your tenancy agreements.
      - Replacing any type of light bulb including fluorescent strip lights internally or externally
      - Burglar alarm – resetting codes  or servicing
      - CCTV service
      - De-humidifiers
  • Your responsibilities internally - Floor coverings

    • - Cleaning and replacing carpets and laminated/wooden flooring (Note – you must ask permission of Home Group if you wish to install laminate or wooden flooring) 
      - Sheet flooring such as vinyl flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, including disposal
      - Floor tiles and floor finishes.

  • Your responsibilities internally - General

    • - Wardrobes
  • Your responsibilities internally - Plastering

    • Some aspects of plastering are your responsibility. If you make a request for plaster repairs to be carried out we may have to inspect the job before a decision is made on whether Home Group will carry out the repair, which is likely only to consist of a patch repair rather than a full wall/ceiling/room replastering.

      Generally, our advice is that it’s a customers’ responsibility if the work is deemed to be a minor repair of under approximately one square metre (about the size of a standard fridge) or a crack which can be filled with general purpose filler materials. Resident responsibility extends to undertaking plaster repairs which would be considered to be part of an internal redecoration process.

  • Your responsibilities internally - Property modernisations and improvements

    • - Property modernisations and improvements should not be undertaken without Home Group permission. These works include adding to or amending the property which changes its appearance and characteristics and any works which may involve Local Authority Planning and Building Regulations Approvals.
      - Examples of modernisations/improvements may include building extensions, loft conversions, changing roof coverings or wall finishes, the installation of new doors and windows, installing fencing, gates or hard landscaping garden areas including digging ponds.
  • Your responsibilities internally - Rubbish disposal

    • You are responsible for clearing out all domestic waste and debris from your home, including on termination of your tenancy agreement when the property should be returned clean and clear of all belongings and rubbish.

      If you leave your home, garden or garage in a state of disrepair or leave behind any belongings or rubbish, we will rectify the situation and charge you for the work even after your tenancy ends.

      You're also responsible for neglect, for example, clearing drainage blocked by you disposing of cooking fat, cotton buds or other items which should not be flushed down the toilet or disposed of in sinks or gullies.

  • Your responsibilities internally - Windows and doors

    • - Door furniture (including cupboard doors)
      - Hasps or padlocks or door locks (including external, garage and meter cupboard doors)
      - Curtain tracks or battens
      - Door bells and alarms
      - Re-glazing smashed windows unless you have a crime number or have paid Home Group to have it re-glazed 
      - Accident or negligence, for example, replacing glass smashed by a football. This could also involve the cost of boarding up the window until the glass is replaced
      - Replacing window locks, restrictors and keys which have been lost or damaged by customers. Forcing access to gain entry to your property if keys have been lost may be subject to recharge.
      - Replacing or cutting new door keys
      - Abuse, for example replacing damaged internal doors, finishes and fittings
      - Willful damage, for example, replacing a door which has been damaged by being forcibly opened because you have the lost the keys.

      If door keys are lost it is your responsibility to arrange for access to be gained to your home. You should contact a reputable locksmith to arrange access. If Home Group is called out to gain access to your property, you may be charged for the full cost of the call out and for lock and key replacement. If Home Group need to force access to your property through a door or window you may also be charged the cost for repairs to the door and frame and/or window. If the door or window cannot be repaired, you may be charged the full cost of replacing the damaged component.

Additional support, disability adaptations and repairs

We understand that you may not always be able to carry out repairs. We will consider your circumstances and may agree to carry out the work without charging you.

If the repair has been caused by a crime and you have a crime reference number, we may also agree not to charge for the work.

Disability adaptations

Anyone requesting a disability adaptation should contact their local authority in the first instance and request an occupational therapist's referral. The local authority will arrange for the occupational therapist to visit your property to identify your need and requirements for adaptations.

Home Group may consider minor urgent adaptations (grab rails, handrails) without an occupational therapist's referral, but these may be charged back to the customer under certain circumstances.

Major adaptations including ramps, lifts, stair lifts, hoists, bathroom, kitchen and property alterations must be supported with an occupational therapist's referral.

Find out more about disability adaptations.