Repairs - our responsibilities

Keeping your home in a good condition is a shared responsibility between yourself and Home Group. By working together we can ensure your home is maintained to the highest standard possible.

Your rent includes payment towards the cost of most repair and maintenance work, however you also have some responsibilities for keeping your home maintained. This includes being responsible for some minor repairs. Please refer to the repairs section of your customer handbook for further information.

Please note that you are also responsible for repairing anything damaged through wear and tear, misuse or neglect by you, your family or visitors.



If we are called out to carry out repairs that you’re responsible for, these will be charged to you through our chargeable repairs policy.



Rechargeable repairs



If you do not do a repair that is your responsibility, we may carry out the work and charge you for the cost.



This could include things like:


  • unblocking a sink, bath or toilet.
  • replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • cleaning away mould caused by condensation
  • replacing toilet seats, bath and sink plugs and chains.

Other things that are your responsibility to repair are:

  • willful damage, for example, replacing a door which has been damaged by being forcibly opened because you have the lost the keys.
  • neglect, for example, clearing drainage blocked by you disposing of cooking fat, cotton buds or other items which should not be flushed down the toilet or disposed of in sinks or gullies.
  • abuse, for example, replacing a toilet system which has been blocked by nappies or toys or replacing damaged internal doors, finishes and fittings.
  • accident or negligence, for example, replacing glass smashed by a football. This could also involve the cost of boarding up the window until the glass is replaced.
  • Please note – this list is not exhaustive.
If you leave your home, garden or garage in a state of disrepair or leave behind any belongings or rubbish, we will rectify the situation and charge you for the work even after your tenancy ends.



What happens if I have a rechargeable repair?



Generally, we will not carry out repairs that are your responsibility unless you have paid for the cost of the work in advance.


When you report the repair, we will tell you if it is a rechargeable repair and will advise you how much it will cost for us to do the work. You can then decide to do the work yourself if it is a minor repair, arrange for and pay a competent tradesperson to do it on your behalf, or pay us to do the repair.

All repair work must be completed to Home Group’s standards and comply with any relevant legislation. For example, electrical and gas repairs have regulations that require work to be completed by a skilled and competent tradesperson. You must not attempt these repairs yourself as you may put yourself and others in danger. 

Before you make arrangements for any contractor to do works on the electrical or gas installations in your home you must tell us what it is that you intend to do, who is doing the work on your behalf, and get our approval.

If you report an emergency repair that involves a risk to health and safety, we will do the repair. If the repair is your responsibility, we will still charge you for the work.






We understand that you may not always be able to carry out repairs. We will consider your circumstances and may agree to carry out the work without charging you for the cost of doing so.


If the repair has been caused by a crime and you have a crime reference number, we may also agree not to charge for the work.

Repairs - your responsibilites