Repairs - our responsibilities

Keeping your home in a good condition is a shared responsibility between yourself and us. By working together we can ensure your home is maintained to the highest standard possible.

Your rent includes payment towards the cost of most repair and maintenance work, but you also have some responsibilities for keeping your home maintained, find out about your responsibilities or refer to your customer handbook for more info. You're also responsible for repairing anything damaged through wear and tear, misuse or neglect by you, your family or visitors.

If we are responsible for a repair it's best to report it quickly. Emergency repairs should always be reported by phone to our customer service centre and can be reported at any time.

If we carry out any repairs that you’re responsible for, these will be charged to you through our re-chargeable repairs policy.

You'll find everything we're responsible for below. 

  • Gas appliances - England

    • By law, Home Group must inspect gas appliances in your home every 12 months. We carry this out as part of our service to you. Our contractors’ engineers who carry out this work are registered with the Gas Safe Register. During the service we will check all flues, chimneys, appliances and gas piping in your home.

      The engineer will give you a copy of the Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate as evidence that the work has been carried out. Please keep this in a safe place and you’ll be contacted when your next service is due. If you end your tenancy, leave the certificate for the next customer.

      If you have not had a gas service in the past 12 months please contact us immediately on 0345 141 4663.

      This inspection is compulsory and vitally important for your safety. You will be given reasonable notice and will need to ensure they can get access to your home to carry out the inspection. If you fail to comply you will ultimately put your tenancy at risk. We will take legal action to gain access and legal costs will be claimed against you. If necessary we will also take out possession proceedings.

  • Gas appliances - Scotland

    • From 1st April 2015 the way we carry out your annual gas safety check in Scotland changed.   

      We now ask new customers to sign a partnership agreement in addition to the tenancy agreement, this is to highlight the importance of working with us to ensure we gain access to carry out the gas service. We will give our customers at least three appointments if we don’t get access, following three failed appointments we will arrange to force access to the property to carry out the service and you will be responsible for the costs associated with this. 

      If you haven’t had a safety check in the last year or notice anything of concern at a neighbour’s property in relation to gas safety, please call our customer service centre on 0345 141 4663 immediately.

  • Access for other reasons

    • There may be other health and safety reasons that we need to access your home to inspect or carry out work. We will always give you reasonable notice if we, or our contractors, need to access your home.

  • Bathrooms

      • Fixtures and fittings 
      • Bath 
      • Showers provided with the property 
      • Toilet 
      • Washbasin 
      • Taps 
      • Tiles fitted by us 
  • Central heating

      • Chimney and flue 
      • Chimney sweeping 
      • Coal bunker if you have solid-fuel heating 
      • Electric storage system 
      • Electric warm-air system 
      • Fireplace tiles 
      • Gas-fired system with radiators 
      • Gas-fired warm-air system 
      • Solid-fuel system 

  • Door furniture

      • Door bells fitted by us 
      • Door entry systems 
      • Door chains fitted by us 
      • Replacing glass in doors and screens caused by criminal damage 
      • Internal doors 
      • Handles and latches to internal doors 
      • All locks fitted by us 
      • External doors 
  • Kitchen

      • Electric cookers provided by us 
      • Cooker socket 
      • Kitchen units fitted by us 
      • Sink bowl and drainer 
      • Tiled splash-back fitted by us 
  • Plumbing

      • Domestic cold water supply 
      • Downpipes (rain and soil) 
      • Drains 
      • Gutters 
      • Hot water supply 
      • Washing machine fittings where the appliance was provided by us

  • Structural and external

      • Ceilings 
      • Damp-proof course 
      • Floors 
      • Outside woodwork 
      • Skirting boards 
      • Stairs (internal) 
      • Steps to entrances 
      • Walls 
      • Outside decoration – this will be monitored and done approximately every five years 
  • Windows

      • Frames and fittings 
      • Window locks fitted by us 
  • Garden

      • Posts and wires that are boundaries (in Home Group’s ownership) 
      • Fences between gardens (in Home Group’s ownership) 
      • Footpaths 
      • Gates 
      • Brick and concrete sheds provided by us 
  • Electrical

      • Fuses in circuit breakers and fused spurs 
      • Wall sockets 
      • Fuse boxes 
      • Electrical wiring