Rechargeable repairs

We’re responsible for some of the repairs and maintenance to your home by law but there are also some things you are responsible for. We call these rechargeable repairs and you cover the cost of these.

If you report a repair that’s a result of damage of that is your responsibility, you may be charged if the repair is carried out. Your tenancy agreement will tell you who is responsible for what or you can check the repairs responsibility section of our website.


When you report a non-emergency rechargeable repair to our customer service centre, the advisor will ask to take the payment on the call. If the payment is not made, we may place your repair on hold until you are able to pay.

If the repair is an emergency (and the property or people in it are unsafe), then we will complete the repair and may charge you afterwards.

  • Do I have to contact you if damage is caused accidentally

    • If you’re not able to safely carry out the repair yourself, then you’ll need to report the repair to use; you will be asked how the damage was caused and you’ll be notified whether you will be charged.

  • What if the damage is caused by crime?

    • If you have been a victim of a crime and criminal damage has been caused, you must report it to the police and inform us of the case reference number when you report a repair. You may be able to claim for loss or damage caused as a direct result of theft or attempted theft (for example, forced entry or exit), through your own insurance but you will need to check this with your insurance company.

  • What if the damage was an accident?

    • You’re responsible for any accidental damage. You may be able to claim the cost of repairing this damage through your own household contents insurance. You should check with your insurance company. If you cannot carry out the repair and we have to do so, we may charge you for the work.

      There are lots of different insurance providers and policies available. We have worked with Thistle Insurance Group alongside Allianz Insurance to arrange a contents insurance scheme designed specifically for our customers. Find out more on our contents insurance page.
  • Who is responsible for any damage in my property?

    • You are responsible for any damage caused accidentally, deliberately or because of neglect by you or other members of your household, including visitors, pets or tradespeople hired by you. This also applies to the removal of any fixtures and fittings that have been provided by Home Group, for example internal doors or bannister rails.

  • I'd like to make some property modernisations and improvements, what should I do?

    • You’ll need to let us know before carrying out any property modernisations or improvements. This includes adding to or amending the property which changes its appearance and characteristics, and any work which may involve local authority planning and building regulations approvals. Get in touch with us first before making any changes. Check out our contact centre page for our full contact details.