All about repairs

We’ve pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions about repairs, including how to report a repair and when you might be recharged for it.


How do I report a repair?

  • Is my repair an emergency?

    • Emergencies are situations that are currently or potentially dangerous or a serious risk to health, where immediate action will prevent serious damage to the property. The following repairs are considered emergencies:

      • Losing your entire supply of electricity, water of gas
      • Losing part of your supply, such as no lights or no drinking water
      • Losing your entire heating provision in cold weather or where you or a member of your household is elderly, disabled, chronically sick or has children under the age of five
      • Losing hot water facilities where your / member of your household’s health requires regular bathing, or you have young children under the age of five
      • All serious plumbing or gas leaks
      • Serious roof leaks or other major structural failures
      • Securing your home following an incident of racial harassment, fire, domestic violence, police activity or if the property becomes empty
      • A blocked toilet when it is the only one in your home
  • I have an emergency repair to report, what do I do?

    • Call us immediately on 0345 141 4663. 
  • I have a non-emergency repair, what should I do?

    • Before you report a non-emergency repair, check who’s responsible. If we carry out a repair that’s your responsibility, you may be charged. Take a look at the repairs responsibilities page before reporting, then head to our non-emergency repairs page when you’re ready to go ahead.

  • I need to report a repair in a communal area, how do I do this?

    • Communal areas are places in parts of a house, block of flats, street or estate which customers have a right to use in common with other customers. As your landlord, we are normally responsible for repairs in communal areas. This includes communal hallways, shared entrances, the roof and gutters on blocks of flats, shared stairways, balconies and access paths.

      To report a repair to a communal area, please call our customer service centre on 0345 141 4663. Please let the advisor know you’re reporting a communal repair and give your postcode.

  • I live in a new build property, how do I report a repair during the warranty period?

    • If you live in a new build property, there are some things we will repair for you while your home is in its warranty period. Once the warranty period has finished, you may be responsible for the repair.

      To report a repair to a new build property, please call our customer service centre on 0345 141 4663. Please let the advisor know you live in a new build property, whether your rent or own your property, and that you believe the repair is covered under warranty.

      If you’ve bought your home from us (either as an outright sales or through our shared ownership scheme), then once your warranty has ended you’ll be responsible for repairs throughout your property with the exception of structural repairs (such as damage to your roof or chimney). Structural damage should be reported to your warranty provider. Our customer service advisors will be able to find out who your warranty provider is and how to contact them.

      If you rent your new build home, then we will maintain your property beyond its warranty period. Repairs to new build homes that are no longer covered by warranty will be maintained in line with our normal repairs service.

  • I'm a home owner, what are my responsibilities for repairs and maintenance?

  • Can I fix the repair myself?

    • If you have an issue with your gas or electricity then it’s essential you don’t attempt the repair yourself, as this can put you (and others in your property and neighbourhood) at risk.

      There are some simple repairs you can fix yourself, if it’s safe for you to do so. Have a look at our handy DIY video guides for advice on carrying out simple repairs.

      If the repair is something we’ll charge you for (a rechargeable repair), then you may decide to source your own tradesperson to carry out the repair. When using your own tradesperson, always make sure they are qualified and the repair carried out is ‘like for like’.

  • I live in Scotland, what's the right to repair scheme?

    • From 30 September 2002, under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Scottish secure tenants and short Scottish secure tenants have the right to have small urgent repairs carried out by their landlord within a given timescale. This is called the Right to Repair scheme.

I've reported a repair...what happens next?

  • I have reported a non-emergency repair, when will you be here?

    • We aim to attend and fix non-emergency repairs in 14 calendar days.

      If you report a repair using our online repair form you can choose a time that’s most suitable for you by selecting the best day and letting us know if morning or afternoon is best. You can also ask us to avoid times that don’t work, for example school run times if you have childcare commitments.

      If you report your repair to our customer service centre you’ll receive written confirmation of your repair booking. You can choose to receive this by either SMS, email or letter; we might ask you to confirm your most up to date details.

      Once your repair has been reported there’s no need to report it again through a different method. Reporting your repair multiple times by different methods may duplicate your enquiry and cause a delay.

      Our contractors will try to get in touch 24 hours before any repair and send a text or call you when they’re on their way (providing you have given us your contact mobile or telephone number).

  • I've reported an emergency repair, when will you be here?

    • If your repair is an emergency, we aim to have a contractor with you in six hours of you contacting us and we aim to have the repair completed in 24 hours. When we come out, if the repair is more complex than we first thought, we may need to come back. This could be to fully fix the repair or if a follow up non-emergency repair is needed, for example plastering.

  • How soon will you deal with my repair?

    • If your repair is an emergency, we will aim to have a contractor with you in six hours, and the repair complete in 24 hours.

      If your repair is a non-emergency, we will aim to have it completed in 14 calendar days.