Struggling to pay your rent

Most of our customers pay their rent on time and in full, but there are times that people find it difficult to pay.

Our experienced customer service teams understand this and are here to help when you’re having difficulties.



If you’re worried about paying your rent or finding it hard to keep up, please contact us. We’re committed to supporting customers who may be in difficulty.


Customer payments fund all of the services we provide, so please pay regularly and promptly. Customers who don’t pay on time could face legal action, but by working together we’ll make sure this is a last resort.



Do you receive housing benefit or think you should?

Don’t put off making your claim or you could lose money.  


You can register a claim by simply phoning your council. You can find their telephone number in the telephone directory, or online. They should record the date of your call as the date of your claim, but always keep a note of this and the name of the person you speak to.

Housing benefit claims can be submitted in various ways. Paper claim forms are still widely used by many councils but they also accept claims made online or over the phone. Councils also have staff available who can help complete the form with you. Remember, if you do hand in a paper form always get a receipt.

Some areas across the country have now gone live with Universal Credit.  Your local council will be able to advise you if they have and what you need to do. 



Falling into arrears


If our accounts show you are in arrears due to a missed payment or change of circumstances, we will contact you to notify you of this by letter, in person, or by automated phone call.

If you receive a phone call with a recorded message you will have the option to speak to an advisor through the touch of a button – which then allows our advisors to discuss your account with you and make arrangements for you to pay your rent. The aim is to cut the amount of time spent following up on missed payments which will allow us to focus on and support customers with longer term debt issues.