Energy saving tips

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Winter can be an expensive time of year – not just the cost of Christmas but also the extra money spent on heating your house.

Some simple advice can help keep your electricity and gas bills down:



•    Turning your thermostat down by just 1C could cut your heating bills by up to 10%;


•    If you have thermostatic valves on your radiators turn them down in rooms you don’t use that much;


•    Turn your hot water thermostat down to 60C (140F) – but no lower for health reasons;


•    Make sure your hot tap isn’t left dripping – this can be very expensive in the long run.


•    Turn off the lights in rooms you’re not using.


•    Don’t overfill the kettle. Only boil enough water for what you are doing e.g. making a cup of tea.


•    Place draft excluders underneath doors. This will prevent the warm air escaping from the rooms you are using.


•    Place insulation strips around windows. If your window has a draft then heat can escape. These can be bought cheaply but most DIY stores.


•    Insulate your water tank. This will prevent heat from the hot water from escaping therefore requires less energy to maintain the temperature of the water.


•    Cook food with the lids on. This way less is lost allowing you to cook food faster and use slightly lower temperatures that use less energy.


•    Don’t leave TV’s, stereos etc. on standby. By leaving that little red light on you will be using electricity needlessly. Turn appliances off at the wall and on again when you need them.


•    Open curtains and blinds. During the cold months open your blinds/curtains to allow your rooms to heat up when the sun shines. Close your blinds and curtains when the sun goes in and gets dark.


•    Don’t hang washing on the radiators. This may dry your washing more quickly, but it reduces the amount of heat available to heat your room.



Remember – always keep on top of your rent and utility bills – these are priorities when it comes to managing your money over the festive period.



Small debts can easily escalate into bigger ones if left unpaid.  Why not consider setting up Direct Debits to make sure important bills always get paid on time?


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