Boiler breakdown

Boiler safety check being carried out

Your boiler is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your house. Your hot water and central heating are entirely dependent on it, especially important during the winter months.

Here are some handy tips that’ll help you identify common boiler problems.


Firstly, check the gas supply.


  • Is the stopcock open?  If not, adjust it to allow gas to flow through.
  • Is the boiler gas supply on? If your gas stopcock is open but no gas is flowing through then you’ll have to call your supplier.
Is your pilot light off?


  • In some cases you can relight the pilot light by following the manufacturer’s instructions.  These are often printed on a boiler’s door, near the pilot light, on the front panel of a boiler or in your boiler instruction booklet.
  • If your boiler doesn't have a pilot light, press the de-blocking button.  
  • If that doesn’t work, check the central heating pressure is set to the manufacturer’s instructions. It has a needle showing the water pressure, and markings showing the acceptable pressure levels. If the needle has dropped below the marked level, you can increase the pressure by adding more water to the system – do this by opening the filling loop tap until the gauge returns to its normal level.
Is your thermostat on?


  • Try increasing the level of your boiler or central heating thermostat. Remember your boiler will only work when the thermostat is set higher than the room temperature.
  • Is the timer on your central heating controls working and is it correctly set? Does it switch on? If not you may have flat batteries or a problem with the power source.
If all of the above have failed, it's time to contact us.