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By law, Home Group must inspect gas appliances in your home once a year. We carry this out as part of our service to you.

As part of this we will check all flues, chimneys, appliances and gas piping. All of our engineers are on the Gas Safe Register (formerly known as CORGI). They will give you a copy of the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate as evidence that the work has been completed.  You will be contacted when your next service is due.

Carbon monoxide

Having your gas boiler regularly serviced is essential and could save your life.  If your boiler or gas fire develops a fault carbon monoxide could be produced.


What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Symptoms of breathing in carbon monoxide include a headache, dizziness, sore throat, abdominal pain and feeling (or being) sick. It feels similar to having the flu but without the high temperature.



More severe carbon monoxide poisoning can cause a fast and irregular heart rate, hyperventilation, confusion, drowsiness and difficulty breathing.

Sufferers may even have a seizure or lose consciousness. Some symptoms can occur a few days or even weeks after exposure to Carbon Monoxide. These may be confusion, loss of memory and problems with coordination.

What to do if you suspect someone has carbon monoxide poisoning?

  • Take them outside into the fresh air
  • Dial 999 for an ambulance and tell them it’s a case of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Turn the gas off at the meter
  • DO NOT re-enter the property until the building has been checked by a professional

If you smell gas...

  • Call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.
  • Turn the gas supply off straight away
  • Open doors and windows
  • Do not turn electrical switches on or off
  • Evacuate the property
  • Seek medical advice