BBQ etiquette

Avoid unintentionally upsetting your neighbours this BBQ season.

The summer months can sometimes see an increase in reports of anti-social behaviour. Anti-social behaviour can be described as a nuisance, disorder or crime that makes someone feel harassed, vulnerable or scared. This could be a neighbour causing a lot of noise, to more serious situations such as criminal damage, threats or acts of violence.


Being a good neighbour

A sunny day can be a great time for a party or BBQ, but remember you’re responsible for yours and your guests’ behaviour. Here’s a few things you can do to avoid upsetting your


  • Let them know you’re going to have a party or BBQ
  • Try to keep the noise and music down, particularly at night – remember neighbours might need to get up early or have children to put to bed
  • Be mindful of your neighbours’ open windows if you’re smoking
  • Ask your guests to leave quietly
  • Be considerate of where your guests park – try not to block pathways, drives or neighbours’ homes

What if my neighbour’s having a party or BBQ?

We’ll be here to support you if you report anti-social behaviour – but if it’s a one off party or BBQ, think about whether the noise level is unreasonable or if you can tolerate it just this once.

If you feel comfortable to do so, you could knock on your neighbour’s door and talk to them about it – they might not even realise the impact they’re having.

For anti-social behaviour that’s not deemed an emergency, you can report incidents directly to the anti-social behaviour team at our customer service centre by calling 0345 141 4663.