Information for Home Scotland tenants

Useful information and downloads for Home Group tenants living in Scotland.

Rent Consultation 2018/2019

The amount of rent you pay is reviewed every year.

Based on the information we have at the moment, increasing your rent by 3% on April 1st 2018 will allow us to continue to invest in our properties and provide you with quality housing and services.

This means an increase of £1.57 a week on your rent if you’re currently paying the lowest weekly rate of £52.33, or £3.66 if you’re paying the highest weekly rent of £121.86 (excluding service charges).

We want you to be able to afford your rent and service charges, so we asked for your views on our proposal of a 3% rent increase. Your opinions are incredibly important to us, and they’ll have a big sway in our final decision, which will be announced by the board shortly.

Want more information? You’ll find everything you need to know to make an informed decision in our 2018/2019 rent consultation newsletter.

Rent Consultation 2017/2018

The amount of rent you pay is reviewed each year. Your views are very important to us and are taken into account by the Home Scotland Board before a final decision on rent level is taken. We consulted on a proposed rent increase for 2017/2018 of 2.5%.

The Home Scotland Board approved the 2.5% rent increase and this has been effective since 1st April 2017.