Local welfare assistance schemes

Local welfare assistance schemes assist people in crisis situations and support independent living.

Since April 2013 they have replaced the Social Fund which provided crisis loans and community care grants.hese schemes vary depending where you live. Local WeLocal

Find your local council/authority.

They may have different names such as an emergency support scheme, local support scheme, community and crisis support or discretionary local support scheme. They may also provide different things such as grants, loans, referrals to credit unions for loans or providing goods such as fridges, prepayment cards or vouchers.
  • What if I don't stick to my claimant commitment?

    • The claimant commitment aims to ensure people are doing all they can to find work.  

      If you don’t stick to your commitment you may lose some or all of your benefits for a period of time.

      The amount, and how long for, will depend on how many times in the previous 12 months you have not met your commitment and which commitments have not been met.

      A failure to accept a commitment will result in a benefit claim being declined.
  • What if my benefits are sanctioned?

    • If this happens you should speak to your customer service partner or support worker as soon as possible.

      They can discuss how it will impact your rent payments and let you know where to get further help with budgeting and managing your money.
  • Does everyone need a claimant commitment?

    • If you are a care and support client making a new claim for benefits, the best thing to do is to speak to your support worker.  

      They will help you work out whether you will be asked to sign up to a claimant commitment.

      If you are, they will help you speak to a Job Centre Plus adviser where your individual circumstances will be taken into account and that your claimant commitment is as appropriate to you as possible.

      You might not be required to agree to one at all if you don’t have the capacity to do so or if there are exceptional conditions that make it unreasonable to do so.