Help with council tax

In England, each local authority runs its own council tax reduction or council tax support scheme. In Scotland and Wales there are national council tax reduction schemes coordinated by the devolved governments and administered by local authorities.

It used to be possible for people on low incomes to receive full council tax benefit, leaving nothing to pay.  



However, since 2013, most local authorities now expect all households to pay a minimum contribution, although some do still offer 100% discounts.



How can I get help?



You need to apply to your local authority directly for a reduction in your council tax bill.  



Your customer service partner or support worker will be able to help you understand how to apply in your local area and can give you details of people who can give you budgeting and money management advice.



What if I live in a care and support service?



The way you pay your council tax may be different in our accommodation-based services.



Talk to your support worker to find out what council tax you need to pay when you are living in our services and when you move on elsewhere.