Entitledto Fair Processing Notice

Home Group Ltd (charitable registered society No. 22981R) is running a trial with a company called ‘Entitledto’, which provides on-line budgeting, benefits and affordability tools.

These tools are aimed at helping you to budget more effectively, find out what benefits you are entitled to and which can support you with personal budgeting and money management.

What information will we collect from you and what will we do with it ?

To use this trial, you will be required to input details about your financial circumstances into the on-line system which is then linked to a unique reference number which may then be used by Home Group staff to discuss your personal results with you. Our staff may also use the information which you have input to check uptake of the tools against your housing application or rent account in order to see whether use of a particular tool has made a positive difference to the management of your account. Your information may also be used for management information and statistics.

Access to the tools will be restricted to certain roles within Home Group who may extract data and analyse it internally for the purposes stated above.

Your information will not be shared with other organisations.

How long will we keep your information ?

Information on the system will only be kept securely for the length of your tenancy or to assess your application process and will then be securely deleted once no longer required.  If the pilot is not successful, your information will be securely deleted. 

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