Claiming backdated Housing Benefit

Claiming backdated Housing Benefit has changed. You can now only claim for a maximum of one month backdated payments and you will also need to prove your claim.

This change brings it in line with Universal Credit claims and means that if you have any change in circumstances that might affect your Housing Benefit you’ll need to report it quickly to make sure you get all the money you are entitled to.

Restrictions on backdated Housing Benefit and Universal Credit claims

Previously you could request backdated Housing Benefit for up to six months before you made or changed a claim, provided you could prove you needed it. 

This backdating of claims has now been aligned with the same time period for backdating Universal Credit claims.  This means if you make a claim or have any change in circumstances which may affect your Housing Benefit, you will only be able to claim a maximum of one month backdated benefit.  You are still required to show good cause for the period.

Housing Benefit or Universal Credit entitlement affect the amount of rent and other charges that you pay to Home Group directly. You are ultimately responsible for the payment of all rent.  

So, Ii you need to make any changes to your Housing Benefit claim our advice is to let your Local Authority know immediately so they can make any necessary adjustments.  Similarly, any changes to a Universal Credit claim should be highlighted via your digital account or local Job Centre.  You will need to provide evidence that the claim should be backdated.

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