Halloween and bonfire night safety

Keep the kids safe this Halloween and bonfire night without causing the fun fizzle out with these easy-to-follow safety tips.


  • Ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Consider dressing your children in bright, highly visible costumes so they can easily be seen.
  • Make sure your kids’ costumes are warm, as it can get very cold.
  • Don’t invite any unexpected callers into your home – and don’t go in to a stranger’s home.
  • Only visit houses where it’s clear that trick or treaters are welcome. Older or vulnerable customers may feel concerned about the noise and unexpected callers.
  • If you don’t want to be disturbed, why not download and print off our handy door hanger?

Bonfire Night

It’s always best to attend an organised bonfire and firework display. Your local authority website and local newspapers are good places to check for details. If you do have a bonfire or fireworks display at home, remember:

  • Tell neighbours, especially the elderly and those with animals, about your display.
  • Always buy your fireworks from somewhere reputable, like a supermarket or garden centre. Make sure the box is marked with British Standard Number BS 7114.
  • It’s actually illegal to set off fireworks between 12am and 7am on bonfire night, so make sure you don’t break this curfew.
  • Never drink alcohol if you’re tending a bonfire or setting off fireworks.
  • Nominate one person to be in charge of the fireworks. Everyone else should stand well back and not interfere to prevent accidents.
  • Never use flammable liquids to ignite bonfires – use firelighters.
  • Always have a bucket of water to hand in case of emergencies.
  • Be careful where you build your bonfire. Smoke from your fire must not pose a public nuisance, affect visibility on roads, or otherwise inconvenience vehicles. Sparks, flying embers or burning debris must not endanger nearby property.
  • Never leave a burning or smouldering bonfire unsupervised – make sure it is completely extinguished first.
  • Sparklers get 15 times hotter than boiling water, so don’t take them lightly. Follow the handling advice on the packet closely.

Stick to these top tips this Halloween and Bonfire Night to keep your family safe and sound without putting a dampener on the fun. 

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