As your landlord Home Group insures the building you live in, but did you know it is your responsibility to cover the contents? It is important to have insurance in place to protect your furniture, decorations and personal belongings against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage from burst pipes..

The average home has £15,000 worth of contents – how would you even begin to replace a fraction of that without the peace of mind of Home Contents insurance? 



There are numerous  policies and insurance providers available, however Home Group have worked with Thistle Insurance Group alongside Allianz Insurance to arrange a contents insurance scheme designed specifically for our customers. 



You can give yourself peace of mind by knowing you’ll have a contents insurance policy which includes the following benefits:
  • No excess payable on any claim
  • Easy payment, either, fortnightly, monthly or annually
  • New for old cover (except clothing and household linen where an allowance for wear and tear is deducted
  • Fast and efficient claims service
  • Automatic cover for contents of garden sheds   
There’s also the option to extend the standard cover to include the following:


  • Full accidental damage cover for household contents
  • Personal belongings away from the home
  • Wheelchairs and electric scooters
  • Hearing aids
How to take out the policy



Please see the link below to a electronic version of the booklet. Alternatively please contact us to ask for an application.


Once complete please send the form to the address indicated in the booklet provided.


Once the insurers have received your application the will be in touch shortly after to confirm details of your cover.


Please note: all arrangements are between you and Thistle. You can amend your policy or manage your insurance online or contact Thistle directly with any queries.