Subletting is when you let out part, or the whole, of your property to someone else. There are strict rules regarding this.

You may not sublet the whole of your property. This means that you cannot move out and let someone else live there in your place.

In some circumstances, with our permission you may be allowed to sublet part of your home or take in a lodger, but it's essential that you let us know first. We will not refuse permission unless we have a good reason.

Subletting without permission

If a house is sublet without permission, this is classed as fraud. Home Group is committed to stopping fraudulent use of our homes.

There are four main types of fraud:

  • unlawfully subletting.
  • obtaining a property by deception.
  • claiming a property illegally following the death of a tenant.
  • applying to buy your home dishonestly.

What can you do?

If you suspect someone is committing housing fraud with a Home Group or Home Scotland tenancy we would like to know about it. You can report any issues confidentially by contacting us in a number of ways:

  • Phoning our Contact Centre on 0345 141 4663
  • Completing our Contact Us form
  • Chatting to us via our Live Web Chat online

This information will be passed to a Housing Manager in your region who will investigate.

Any details provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. You can read our Fair Processing Notice for more details on how we use and protect your information.