Owning your own home

Information for tenants on schemes available to help them own their home.

There are a number of schemes to help people currently renting a home from a social landlord to buy their home. If you’re a tenant of Home Group and interested in home ownership, these schemes could help you achieve your dream.

  • Right to Acquire

    • This scheme gives housing association tenants a discount to buy their home if they meet certain criteria, the main one being that they have had a local authority (local council) landlord for three years.

      You qualify to apply to buy a home under Right to Acquire if you are:

      - A permanent Home Group customer with an assured tenancy 
      - Your home was built or acquired by Home Group after 1st April 1997
      - You have rented a property for a total of three years from a local authority or council
      - The property is your only or main home
  • Right to Buy

    • This government scheme helps eligible council and housing association tenants in England to buy their home with a discount, depending on what tenancy you have. You qualify to apply to buy a home under Right to Buy if you are:

      - A permanent Home Group customer with a tenancy
      - A customer with us or any other social landlord for longer than five years
      - You live in the property that is your only or main home

  • Voluntary Right to Buy

    • This Government scheme is an extension to Right to Buy for housing association tenants. 

      Since the announcement of a General Election there will be a hold on any further information regarding vRTB and the extension of the pilot scheme. This is because during the run up to an election the Government is unable to make any policy announcements, therefore details on the upcoming pilot will not be confirmed until after the General Election.

      As it is still on hold we cannot accept applications at this time but you can express an interest.  After the General Election and as soon as the guidelines are announced, we will update this section.

      If you are interested in finding out more you can 

      - Contact Home Group Customer Service Centre to express an interest in the scheme (your details will be held securely until we can notify you of the criteria).
      - We have more answers to your questions on vRTB here.
      - Visit the Government website for further information on any of the above schemes here