Owning your own home

Information for customers on schemes available to help them own their home.

There are a number of schemes to help people currently renting a home from a social landlord to buy their home. If you’re a Home Group customer and interested in home ownership, these schemes could help you achieve your dream.

  • Home Group Deposit Builder

  • Right to Acquire

    • This scheme gives housing association tenants a discount to buy their home if they meet certain criteria, the main one being that they have had a local authority (local council) landlord for three years.

      You qualify to apply to buy a home under Right to Acquire if you are:

      - A permanent Home Group customer with an assured tenancy 
      - Your home was built or acquired by Home Group after 1st April 1997
      - You have rented a property for a total of three years from a local authority or council
      - The property is your only or main home
  • Right to Buy

    • This government scheme helps eligible council and housing association tenants in England to buy their home with a discount, depending on what tenancy you have. You qualify to apply to buy a home under Right to Buy if you are:

      - A permanent Home Group customer with a secure tenancy
      - A customer with us or any other social landlord for longer than three years
      - You live in the property that is your only or main home

  • Voluntary Right to Buy

    • In December 2015 the government launched a pilot which extends the Right to Buy scheme to housing association tenants, this is known as Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB). Home Group were not one of the five housing associations involved in the pilot.

      In November 2017 the government announced another ‘large-scale regional pilot would take place in the Midlands’. No further information has been issued, so we are not aware of the proposed timescales

      Home Group remains absolutely committed to supporting the home ownership aspirations of our customers, but we are unable to take any further action until the government confirm the funding and regulations are in place to support the national launch of VRTB.

      You can express your interest in VRTB by calling our Customer Service Centre on 0345 141 4663, so we can capture some basic details about you and your property. We will also ensure you are kept up to date with any significant developments.

      For more information, find answers to your questions on VRTB.