Home Safe and Sound

We work hard to keep all of our customers Home safe and sound.

Not only is it our responsibility as a landlord – we care about the people who live in Home Group properties or who access our care and support services.


Home safety checks


Whenever we arrange a safety check in your home, it’s because we want to keep you safe and sound. Please help us do this by allowing access for your arranged appointment and contacting us as soon as possible if your appointment isn’t convenient. Not only does this keep you and others around you safe, we have a legal obligation as your landlord to carry out these safety checks. If we can’t gain access, you will be subject to legal proceedings and will be responsible for court costs which can be up to £500. So whether it’s electrical, gas or solid fuel safety check, or an asbestos survey, please help us keep you Home safe and sound.


We understand some customers may have questions to ask us as the result of the devastating impact of Grenfell. Have a look at our fire safety page which should help answer some of these questions. We have also produced a fire safety leaflet with some practical tips and advice to help keep you safe and reduce the risk of fires.