Our customer handbook lets you know all about the services we provide and your rights and responsibilities. We’ve also put the information you may need in handy downloadable guides available here.

On our website and in the guides below you’ll find information about the way your tenancy works and anything that’s expected of you while you’re living in your Home Group home - from moving in, to enjoying your home, to what happens if you’d like to move out. We aim to provide the best service possible for all of our customers.

By working together we can help make sure you love your home and the neighbourhood you live in. To help us do this, we have lots of information on our website and have different ways you can contact our knowledgeable customer advisors. 

If you have any questions and you can’t find the answer here, our customer service advisors will be happy to help. You can use live chat or contact our customer service centre by phone on 0345 141 4663.